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The Ebenbee rise

The Ebenbee rise

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The ebenbee rise in kit to assemble very easily. Contains :

  • An untreated softwood box (Please note that the hive body is not included. )
  • 9 Ebenbee frames.
  • 1 main funnel to collect honey.
  • 1 Instructions for use.

- A resinous wooden box which can be adapted to the majority of different types of hives. Its surface is 43 cm wide and 45 to 51 cm long, it is adaptable to the majority of types of hives, such as Dadant, Langstroth, Zander, etc.

- 9 Ebenbee frames in food-safe PVC, easy to assemble, clean, use and resistant to weather conditions.

- 9 sticks, which serve as temporary supports, to hold the wax sheet in place before it is shaped by the bees.

- A funnel made of food material, which is used to direct the collected honey towards the receptacle.

- manual.

# It is important to note that the hot wire knife is an essential tool for harvesting.

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