How does the Ebenbee harvesting system work?

The advantages of the Ebenbee system

Bee welfare

The Ebenbee system maintains the natural development cycle of bees throughout the seasons.

Because the extraction of honey is done from the frames in place, using a cutting wire heated at low voltage flush with the wax sheet. The result is a gentle and non-disturbing process , which preserves the balance of the bees and optimizes extraction results.

It is no longer necessary to dismantle it or be in direct contact with the bees.

Pure honey

"From the hive to the table

With the Ebenbee system, you get pure, clean honey directly from the hive, without being in contact with the environment (insects, wind, pests, etc.). The honey is harvested cold, taking advantage of the ambient temperature of the hive itself, which preserves all the aromas of the flowers . This is unlike the traditional method where the honey has to go through several stages and comes into contact with air during processing.

Zero energy

The economic advantage should not be forgotten, since the Ebenbee “extractable” frame allows the honey to be collected directly by placing “a pot under the hive”.

  • No more need for a centrifuge that costs time, money and consumes electricity.
  • No more need to consume energy to heat the premises to 30°C or when harvesting.
  • Don't forget the energy of the very person doing the harvesting.

Comfort & ease of use

The Ebenbee system is easy to use , more secure , and reduces the risk of stings because it reduces contact with bees.

It also saves a lot of time by allowing honey to be harvested without having to open the hive or move heavy supers.

It's all good for your back. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Home and wildlife friendly materials

The EbeNbee “extractable” frame uses materials compatible with food use, whether for its food-grade PVC structure or the natural embossed wax sheet.

From a technical point of view, “food-safe” PVC is durable over time, easy to clean and assemble.