• Bee

    Ebenbee's mission is to simplify beekeeping while championing the well-being of bees. By eliminating the need to dismantle the hive, our system preserves the natural order of bees , reduces stress and slows colony mortality.

  • Eating

    Participate the world in obtaining a healthy and natural diet , both by improving the quality of honey and the ease of obtaining it, and on the other hand by improving the function of bees because they are one of the most important pollinators .

  • Beekeeper

    Ebebee simplifies beekeeping by eliminating the need to dismantle the hive when extracting honey, and also reduces the need for protective equipment and cutting tools.

    Ebenbee makes the practice of beekeeping more accessible and secure , and removes the difficult conditions when harvesting.

Why Ebenbee?

In a world increasingly concerned about climate change , pollution and the well-being of our vital pollinators, traditional beekeeping methods are not enough.

For more than two centuries, beekeeping has clung to outdated practices, unable to evolve to meet contemporary challenges.

Ebenbee was born from the belief that harmonious coexistence between humans and bees is crucial to the survival of our ecosystem.
Our vision reinvents the beekeeper, paving the way for a system that reveres the sacredness of bees and their essential role in our world.
Traditional methods of handling hives, which repeatedly disrupt bees throughout their development, often come at the expense of their health and productivity.
Ebenbee emerges as a pioneering response to these concerns, promising a sustainable way forward for bees and beekeepers.

The inventor & Creator

Antoun Fahmeh , is a cabinetmaker . He is also an interior designer by training. The name of his company emerged in a cabinetmaking workshop.

Passionate about bees for a long time, he created the Ebenbee company with the aim of improving the lives of bees and beekeepers at the same time.

Antoun Fahmeh is a member of the Royal Beekeeping Association of Wavre and surrounding areas (SRAWE).