It is not always easy to understand the world of beekeeping.

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Is there no risk of looting after a first harvest?

The Ebenbee system is completely isolated from contact with the external environment, and also from other insects.

What type of hive is the Ebenbee frame compatible with?

The Ebenbee rise is 50cm x 43cm.

This allows it to be compatible with concepts such as Langstroth, Dadant or any other designs of the same dimensions.

By heating, do we lose some of the benefits of honey?

  • Harvesting one side of the frame takes +/- 15 seconds, which almost does not overheat the honey.

And is the extracted honey at the right humidity level?

  • Extracted honey: in fact, it is possible to check the sealing of the transparent side, and it is possible to use a humidifier by making a small slit in the alveoli on the transparent side and taking a few drops of honey to examine it.

What happens to wax waste? Are they evacuated? Don't they risk blocking the canals?

There is no wax waste. The honey will flow cleanly.

What type of wax sheet we need for Ebenbee frame?

Ebenbee frame has been prepared to receive a sheet of natural embossed wax, standard size 12.7cm by 41cm.

And the cleaning?

It is possible to clean the Ebenbee frame with water at any time desired, because it is made with food grade PVC and the passage where the honey comes out is completely isolated from being in contact with the bees in the interior of the frame. hive.

It is also possible to replace the wax sheet.

And when the honey crystallizes in the frames, what happens?

After the harvest, bees need to fix all the bottoms of the alveoli which have been cut by the wire, so they uncap all of them to reach the bottom. In the case of crystallized honey in the alveoli, bees clean up everything and take the crystallized honey out to reach the bottom too.

What do you do with the rapeseed and ivy honey that often crystallizes before you can get to it?

The Ebenbee harvesting system has been tested for 5 years now, and it has always worked well during harvests. The flow rate may vary slightly depending on the viscosity of the honey. Unlike other systems, harvesting with Ebenbee takes place in a completely closed environment, inside the hive itself, where the temperature is naturally 35°C. One of the advantages of the Ebenbee system is that you can easily change the beeswax sheet to update production.

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Yes, it is possible to check the humidity level