Ebenbee reinvents beekeeping

And removes the constraints of the beekeeper:

  • No to smoking
  • No to crushing
  • No to manipulation
  • No to the combination
  • No to heating


A more active bee, healthier honey, a liberated beekeeper

Why Ebenbee?

An innovative hive rise

Ebenbee has developed an ingenious system that allows honey to be harvested without opening the hive or disturbing the bees using a sheet of natural embossed wax. An opening at the back of the hive allows a heated cutting wire to be inserted. low voltage which will cut the bottom of the cells flush with the wax sheet without damaging it, and the honey will flow slowly towards the pot, in an environment isolated from insects and the external environment.

The Ebenbee universal system fits all bee species and fits into existing hive structures such as Langstroth and Dadant , with potential to adapt to other systems.

Why is this Important?

Bee welfare

The Ebenbee system maintains the natural development cycle of bees throughout the seasons.

Because the extraction of honey is done from the frames in place, using a cutting wire heated at low voltage flush with the wax sheet. The result is a gentle and non-disturbing process , which preserves the balance of the bees and optimizes extraction results.

It is no longer necessary to dismantle it or be in direct contact with the bees.